Sessions are available in-person, online or by phone.  

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Welcome to this space where a variety of services are available for your wellness either individually or perhaps you may enjoy attending a group class. This practice specialises in distance, phone and online processes. The practice is focused on providing alternative modalities and classes to bring relaxation and peace to mind, body and spirit. The services and classes are designed to help you relax and tune into your own inner knowing and wisdom. Get support to focus on goals, release and deal with physical, emotional or spiritual issues in a joyous way with the variety of modalities available to suit your individual needs. Whether you need help to get on a path of wellness or if you wish to maintain or improve your current position, you're sure to find a service to assist you.

Services include:

  • Reiki - in-person or distance session
  • Reiki Training all levels to be a practitioner - in-person only
  • Chakra balancing - in-person or distance session
  • Journey work - in-person, phone or video-call processing
  • Life Activation - in-person only
  • Energetic Rebalancing - in-person only
  • Creative Visualisation - in-person, phone or video-call 
  • Creative Visualisation classes - group class, in-person and private classes available online and by phone.
  • Free vegetarian and vegan recipes to get you eating healthier.
  • Free inspirational screensavers and fun tips.
For more information see Services and Testimonials from clients.
For bookings see Contacts.

Attend a session in person or if you are unable to attend the practice, then book in for a distance session or phone process, the benefits are the same or offer this as a gift for a loved one. In addition, group classes are offered to meet like-minded people or to become a reiki practitioner. With the different offerings to choose from, you are sure to be happy with your sessions in this relaxed and friendly environment. Look around the website and if you wish to make a booking or have any comments or questions, please see the 'Contacts' page. 

Check under the 'More' page for more great ideas, services and free tips or click the links below:

Goal-Setting is great to achieve any time of the year and at any age in life. It's always the perfect time to spring into action and achieve something new. 
Follow these 3 easy steps in the Goal-setting page to help you on your way to achieve your goals now! 

De-cluttering is an important aspect of wellness.  De-clutter your space and de-clutter your life!

The De-cluttering page has a simple 3 step-process to help you clear and organise your spaces.

Book an online or in-person session at Contacts with a qualified designer to be supported in your de-cluttering process.

Redecorating can be a great way to refresh your lifestyle. 

Check the Redecorating page for simple ideas on how to redecorate on a budget.

Handy tips on how to transform a space with the things you have and love in your home.

Book an online session at Contacts with a qualified designer to help redecorate your space today!

Check the Self-nurturing page for simple suggestions to assist you to make time for yourself.

Making time for self-nurturing is an important aspect of maintaining overall well-being. 

Read about easy ways to nurture; from creating a space to developing healthy routines.

Living with greater calm and relaxation requires change and daily practice. 

The Mindfulness page has simple techniques to help you relax and self-reflect each day.

Book a tailored program to gain weekly support to achieve your wellness goals including building self-nurturing and mindfulness habits. 
See Classes for more information.

If you really want to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit, take a holiday. Even a short day or weekend break will refresh your energy. 
See the travel pictures and ideas for your next holiday on the Travel page.

Check back later for new updates to the website. 

What's New?    Visualisation Classes

What's your vision? 

Do you have a clear vision for your work, retirement, home-life, space and life?
These are the group classes to help your focus, visualise and help manifest the life you want. Join a group of like-minded visionaries to visualise, create and live the life you want.

Each fortnight you will be guided to see your future clearly in these special mindfulness and visualisation techniques. To join the group and for more information see Classes

PLEASE NOTE: these are alternative modalities, requiring minimal to no physical contact between the client and practitioner and are focused on intuitive, energetic services that are not a substitute for medication, medical services/care or medical-associated, professional services. You are not required to cease any medication or treatment to receive the services from this practice, however, it is recommended you speak to your health professional if you have any questions or doubts about any potential effects on your well-being prior to making a booking.