Sessions are available in-person, online or by phone.  

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Aust: 0476 195 034
Overseas +61 476 195 034   

The Classes!

Welcome to the classes! This is the space to commit to yourself to improve your wellness by getting support for several weeks to achieve a goal and learn some powerful techniques and life-skills to help maintain your balance and focus in your life. 

Dive into a wellness class today!

Reiki Classes are available by request
Reiki Level 1, Level 2 and Reiki Master 
When: by request 
Duration: 10:30am - 3pm
Location: In-Person, Canberra, ACT

Send a message through the Contacts page to book your place.
Bring: your lunch, an A5 size artists sketchbook, pen (also a yoga mat if you have one). Please wear comfortable white or light coloured clothing

Learn the beautiful, energetic technique of Reiki in the tradition of Reiki Grandmaster Usui Mikao from a qualified Reiki Master.  This class passes down this linage to the participants and opens them to receive the divine light to perform Reiki on others. Reiki can help with physical, emotional and spiritual issues and needs. On completing the class at Level 1, you are able to practice as a Reiki Practitioner. In completing all 3 levels you can train others to be reiki practitioners.
Individually Tailored 6, 8 or 12 week 
Wellness program
When: by request 
Location: online or phone
  • Initial consultation and program; plus
  • 5,7, or 11 individual sessions
Bring: an A5 size artists sketchbook and pen. 

Visualisation class - 

When: Fortnightly on Sunday 9pm Australian Eastern Standard Time

Location: Online

Duration: 30 minutes each fortnight for 12 weeks

Payment is for 12 classes in advance. It's about making a commitment to yourself, your goals and the group to turn up and help hold the space to manifest your vision.

Bring s small book and pencil. 

Looking for new direction and need some help to make some life changes? Try an individually tailored weekly program for your needs. It includes:

  • The initial consultation to map your goals.
  • A personal weekly program outline
  • weekly in-person, online or phone sessions to help you in mind, body and spirit on your path of wellness and self-empowerment.

What's your vision? 

Do you have a clear vision for your work, retirement, home-life, space and life?
These are the group classes to help your focus, visualise and help manifest the life you want. Join a group of like-minded visionaries to visualise, create and live the life you want.

Each fortnight you will be guided to see your future clearly in these special mindfulness and visualisation techniques. To join the group now book through Contacts