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Goal Setting - Getting what you want is easy when you know what you want!

Goal setting is great for anytime of the year including the beginning of the year. Whether the goal is big or small, here are 3 easy steps to help you achieve your goals. Visualise, Concretise, Activate! See it, Write it, Do it! Remember every step must be fun! The is the key to remaining motivated. 

SEE IT - See The Goal - This is the process of self-discovery and visualisation!

Sometimes we need to find a quiet space to relax and reflect on what we really want. So take a small notebook and pen and go to your favourite place where you won't be disturbed. Sit quietly and ask yourself: What do I want? 

Ensure it makes you feel happy or change to something that will make you happy. This is very important.

Be clear about your answer. Focus on the big picture to begin and then see all the details. If you want to buy something, be clear about the amount you want to pay. Don't worry if it's unrealistically large or small, to begin just set your amount and feel good about it! 

See the product clearly including the size, shape, colour, brand, manufacturer, quality, etc. 

Try to focus on environmentally friendly and fair trade products and processes and do your research to ensure it is both! This will make you happier about your purchase and journey. 

If it's a job then focus on the location, the pay, the people you want to work with, the space you want to work in, the distance from your home, do you want to walk or use public transport?, how do you want to feel at work?, what opportunities do you want in the job. Be completely clear in what you want and fill the image with as much detail as possible.

WRITE IT - Set The Goal -  This is the process of concretising the vision!

When you've imagined it in as much detail as possible and feel great about your vision, it's time to put it in writing and list what you want to achieve.  

List everything you saw and felt in your vision. Collect pictures if this helps or create an online vision board. 

If it's a job, list the location, employer, behaviour of managers and staff, pay, hours of work, distance to home or work from home?, the look and feel of the office, etc

If it's an object, describe it in detail, the colour, shape, size, price, etc

If it's a target, like to get fit, then list things you want to do and achieve; for example: run 5 kilometres, improve my fitness, swim a kilometre etc


DO IT - Move Towards The Goal - This is the workable step by step plan!

Turn the list into achievable steps with time limits. Depending on your goal this section may be small or lengthy. 

For the job, your steps may be:

1) Search the web for suitable jobs and speak to relevant job contacts (today)

2) Research credentials (today)

3) Prepare or update Curriculum Vitae (5 days)

4) Make friendly contact with referees and discuss job opportunities (call this week and set meeting for next week)

5) Search and enrol in training if required (10 days)

6) Apply for job (within the application period)

The world is full of wonderful experiences and opportunities and everything is achievable with vision, planning and action. Start now as your future awaits you to live it!