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Travel - Recreation, Rest and Relaxation 

Never underestimate the benefit of a holiday. If you really want to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit, take a holiday.  There is something about getting away from the usual environment and routine, to a beautiful place by yourself or your loved ones, that will recharge your energy in unexpected and delightful ways. Even a short day or weekend break will refresh your senses! Try to take a short break 1-3 days, twice a year and a long break of 1-3 weeks, once a year. Building this into your self care routine helps enormously. Problems seem more manageable and solutions are easier to find after some rest and relaxation. Some favourite travel destinations are below. Check in for a visual holiday!

When was the last time you had a break? 

Why not schedule a holiday now?!

Places of Worship

The most beautiful buildings in the world to me are the places of worship. People from the earliest of time have searched for the most inspiring places on the planet to reflect on their spirit. This beautiful cathedral is one of many between London and Bath in England. Take a road trip and stop at these serene places for some quiet contemplation.

Anywhere by the Water

Water is one of the most refreshing elements for the mind, body and spirit. Make your way to the seaside, lakeside or pond for a soulful dip. Salt water is a great cleanser for the body and spirit. Just sitting or walking in or by the water will immediately relax the senses. Fun water activities like snorkelling, paddle boarding or jet-skiing await the active types. Why wait for a summer vacation, go find a source of water near you today and swim or picnic there!

The Countryside

A relaxing break in a tranquil, countryside escape may be just want you need to quieten the mind and listen to your heart. A weekend or week's sojourn can be fitted into a busy schedule to help recharge those well worn energetic batteries and give yourself a fresh, new perspective on life. IF you need activities then there are usually markets or stores of homemade produce. Consider escaping to the countryside for your next long weekend.

The Cities

There's nothing like discovering a big city to inspire and invigorate a sense of new life and way of doing things. It's about the many places of interest cramped into each city block, the shopping, endless characters crowding each street corner and the gastronomical treats galore from the street food to the high end restaurants that intrigue the visitor. Generally for a tourist a big city has the best transport options because you're usually not in a hurry to get somewhere. When it comes to a weekend or annual vacation, nothing beats a big city as it has something to offer everyone! Markets, shopping malls, museums, galleries, theatres, cafes, libraries...you name it a big city has it! Check out your nearest city this weekend and be pleasantly surprised at what you find when you get lost.