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Flower Prints with Individual Messages

Over centuries flowers have held special meanings in the giving, receiving and dreaming.  Each flower will have a special message for each person so pay attention to the flowers that come into your life.  These are part of a collection of Judith's new body of artwork based on flowers and their spiritual and energetic meanings that are designed to raise your spirits. Each message has been revealed to Judith after a specific meditation.

Order these beautiful artworks for yourself or a loved one and send a message of goodwill.  Each image is printed either on lightweight card for framing, canvas or acrylic (plastic) sheets for direct mounting on a wall.  Each image is signed by Judith and comes with a special uplifting message of peace and kindness.  Choose the image that most resonates with your heart and receive the message with the artwork.  Call, text or email at the above contact to place an order. State which image you want Top 1-5 or Bottom 6-10 when you order.

Size approximately: 15cm x 15cm

Costs: Card - $10 AUD each plus shipping

           Acrylic - $100 AUD each plus shipping

           Canvas - $100 AUD each plus shipping