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Redecorate and Refresh

Need a life adjustment? One of the easiest and fastest ways to freshen up your life is to refresh your space. Decluttering is essential and important to sort and organise your space first. See my tips on de-cluttering if your space needs to be cleaned and decongested. Then follow these quick and easy suggestions to transform your space from tired to energised and functional with minimal cost! 

Choose a Room - Switch the Furniture.

Switch the furniture. You don't have to buy furniture. See what you have that you love and consider a new function for it. Purchase second-hand furniture where possible online or collect free items from curb sides in your neighbourhood. You will find incredible pieces, full of character and history that are not available in stores, for a fraction of the price of new furniture. 

In the photos above I changed antique chairs for the Charles Eames replica black Eiffel chairs and modernised the old dining table. Then I completely changed the room by using the round table with replica Phillip Stark Louis XIV armchairs. Everything purchased was second-hand paid from the proceeds of selling the old furniture online.

In this photo I've used the same round, dining table in a living space to create a small reading, writing or coffee space with a replica Eames chair, a cushion and a fancy centrepiece I created with a few blue, serving bowls and a vase with some leaves from the garden.

Be fearless in mixing the old and new to reflect your own history!

Change the Colour - Change the Function - Change the Feel!

Change the colour with a coat of paint and completely transform the look, feel and function of your furniture.  Antique furniture is often given away for free, so be sure to grab a bargain and give it a new life!

A bedside table can become a gorgeous side table. This was a beautiful, antique, bedside table. I left the original timber look in the shelf so that there's a sense of it's history and painted it white as a fresh look for the bedroom. 

Several years later I painted it black to use as a side-table and ultimately sold it instead. The black paint made the ornate handle really stand-out on the drawer. I also lined the inside of the drawer by just laying a pretty sheet of wrapping paper at the base. The table is a statement piece in any space.

Add a Pop of Colour!

A pop of colour can really create drama and class in a  palette of monochromes. Whether it is an Anna Ferreri replica like the yellow componibili or the vintage 70's orange box used as a side table; these colourful pieces add interest to the room. 

These bright items of furniture combined with the replica Eames chairs can revitalise and modernise any room. They also create a very versatile space for living, working or relaxing.

Soften and Liven with Organics

Organic material in furnishings and accessories soften a room and add texture and warmth. 

Keep the additions simple and natural using materials like raffia, wicker, cane, hessian etc.

I always add fruit and flowers as they brighten and enliven a space. Generally I use what's in the garden, although, a few stems of seasonal flowers can enhance any arrangement.

A basket of fruit from the garden adds a homey touch of comfort to a space.

Create a Vignette of Things You Love

A vignette is a beautiful arrangement of items you've collected or brought together for a special occassion. 

In the first photo I painted the edge of the mirror and the top of this console table gold so that they co-ordinate in an unexpected way to house a vignette of gifts. The glass stackable jar was purchased second-hand and served well to hold a variety of favourite snacks. The remaining items fitted into the gorgeous gift bag collected from a trip to Brazil.

The second photo is a second-hand dining table setting the space for the collection of cherry blossom in a Wedgewood vase. The fallen and trimmed blossoms are in a bowl of water. The wicker basket matched the table and trivet under the vase and the other colours reflect the painting on the wall.

Add a Touch of History

Mixing antique and vintage crockery, cutlery, ceramics, porcelain, glassware, tableware, paintings, photos, furniture with modern pieces will always add character, fun and an interesting story to your space. 

Inherited pieces in particular are a part of your personal history and should be shown rather than hidden away in a cupboard, drawer or box. 

Create a setting for one, two or more; create a vignette of treasures or a feature wall of memories; and enjoy these pieces each day. Remember those we love, gone before us, while sharing those heirlooms with those we love, still with us. Life is short so celebrate the memories!