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Reiki - is a Japanese, energetic technique. Usui Mikao is the founder of the modern Reiki method though it is believed to have been practiced for thousands of years by various monks in Asia. The client is fully clothed and preferably wearing all white or light coloured clothing.

The reiki practitioner places their hands either on the clients body or above their body to work with their energy field to clear energetic blocks. The clearing may promote physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and bring the client into a more balanced state of being. No diagnosis is required. There are no instruments or substances used. Practitioners allow the energy to go where it is required. Chakra balancing is included. This therapy can be provided by distance if the client is unable to be present in-person at the practice.  The client will need to be in a relaxed position at home for the duration of the session.  The benefits are the same in person or by distance.

Session Time: 45 minutes. 
Cost: $100 AUD

Journey Work - This practice uses Journey work a self-healing modality to assist with physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The practitioner and client is seated through the entire process. The client is guided through a relaxation and visualisation process to uncover the cell memories causing physical or emotional blocks to their wellbeing and to free the unlimited potential within. 

The process can assist with:

  • Physical and emotional issues
  • Manifesting abundance and goal setting 
  • Discovering and living your potential 
  • Ego issues
  • Pain control

This process is available by phone or video call if the client can not be present at the practice. WhatsApp is available for free wifi calls nationally and overseas. WhatsApp is a free application that can be downloaded from your online applications store on your smartphone.

Session Time: Allow 120 minutes as the session goes for as long as required. 

Cost: $150/hr AUD 

Chakra Balancing – Chakras are energy centres located in the body that affect physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.  Chakra balancing is the process of realigning and restoring a harmonious flow of energy across the chakra system. Balancing chakras can release emotional and physical blocks and facilitate feelings of well-being, relaxation, focus and improved vitality.

This is a process requiring no diagnosis or participation from the client who remains lying on their back, fully clothed through the entire process. This process can also be provided through distance if the client can not be present at the practice. Distance processes require the client to be lying in a relaxed position. 
Session Time: 45 minutes. 
Cost: $100 AUD

Life Activations - This process is an ancient technique using crystals to activate your energy.  The techniques is based on the belief that we all come to earth with a unique life purpose to fulfil during our life time and that every human has the potential to live life to their fullest potential.  This technique unlocks that potential and allows divine light to flow into the client. The client may feel gentle sensations or may have energetic releases.  The client is fully clothed and is sitting and standing through the process.  A comprehensive and unique technique of chakra balancing is included in this session. A person only needs one session.  Additional sessions may be booked 6 weeks apart to receive the added benefits of chakra balancing and energy flow.

Session Time: 90 minutes.

Cost: $300 AUD

Channelled Readings - This process is an old technique based on the original astrological chart which is very different to the current charts used.  The technique is used in conjunction with modern scientific astrological information to determine what events took place at the time of incarnation. This process is a mediumship process connecting with divine energy, to bring forth the information most relevant, to assist with clarification of the client's highest potential and gifts. In knowing our potential we become more self-empowered to choose intuitively and practically our paths, to help us live our life purpose and therefore our highest and best lives. 

Session Time: 45 mins includes preparation of astrological events prior to the reading

Cost:$120 AUD

Standard ReadingThis process too is a mediumship process, connecting with divine energy, to bring forth the information most relevant, to assist with clarification of the client's highest potential and gifts, however no astrological information is collected or provided.

Session Time: 45 mins 

Cost:$100 AUD

Energetic Rebalancing - This is an ancient, energetic rebalancing modality. The client lies on their back on a massage bed for the duration of the process.  The client is fully clothed and must wear all white clothing. This is a powerful, gentle and deeply relaxing process to release old negative energy to revitalise, calm and rebalance energy. The modality works with the natural energetic systems. It is recommended that the client repeat the process twice, for a total of 3 sessions over 3 weeks to achieve the full benefit of releasing old stored energy and to optimise the rebalancing of energetic systems. 

Session Time: 75 minutes 

Cost: $200 AUD 

Package of 3 x 75 minute sessions: $500 AUD

Access Consciousness - An energetic modality that uses a variety of tools and techniques to release old energy allowing greater relaxation, awareness and presence to life. Two techniques are available in this practice:

The Bars - The practitioner lightly touches 32 points located on the head with various hand positions to release old stored energy. The release allows greater light to enter the client with an opportunity for deeper relaxation and ability to open to more potential in life.

Energetic Facelift - is a process with the potential to release the effects of tension and aging on the face and body if done repeatedly. The practitioner lightly touches several points on the head and the upper chest area for an all natural facelift process that relaxes and energises the face and neck area.

The Bars or Energetic Facelift Session Time: 45 minutes.
Cost: $100 AUD

Reiki for Animals: Reiki can be given to animals. Animals are generally very receptive to energetic work.  Reiki can be performed on many animals after surgery, injury and various ailments. Animals receiving reiki also receive an increase in energy as well as the healing reiki rays. Reiki for animals may be given in person or by distance and operates the same way as for humans. Animals energy tends to clear quickly so they usually only require a short session. 

Session Time: 30 minutes 

Cost: $60 AUD

PLEASE NOTE: these are alternative modalities, requiring minimal to no physical contact with the practitioner and is focused on intuitive, energetic services that are not a substitute for medication, medical services/care or medical associated professional services. You are not required to cease any medication or treatment to receive the services from this practice, however, it is recommended you speak to your health professional if you have any questions or doubts about any potential effects on your well-being prior to making a booking.