Sessions are available in-person, online or by phone.  

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Aust: 0476 195 034
Overseas +61 476 195 034   

Testimonials : Here's what others are saying about the services.

"I've had several sessions with Judith including chakra balancing and Journey work. Judith is a professional who provides a safe space to delve deeply, gain clarity and heal on a profound level. Judith works from the heart and with integrity and I would recommend her services to those seeking an authentic lightworker."

Jenny M, Australia

"Judith's services have greatly improved my life in all areas: physical, emotional, mental, and, of course, spiritual. I have tried several of her offerings. Among them have been The Journey, cord cutting, meditation, her tailored-to-the-individual program, financial abundance session, chakra balancing, and reiki. I can attest that she is a fantastic life activation practitioner. Over the last several years of working with Judith, I have grown exponentially thanks to her expertise, warmth, good energy, and professionalism. The services are truly effective! I have seen my relationships of all kinds improve (romantic, family, friends, business, academic) and my life come into balance. I feel more confident, happier, and rarely stressed. My body is healthier and my mind is clearer. I feel more connected to God. Judith was flexible and she worked with me. Try not to get too analytical and let yourself feel the difference in the energy work she offers and you will notice the difference in your life." 
"Los servicios de Judith han mejorado mucho mi vida en todas las áreas: física, emocional, mental y, por supuesto, espiritual. He probado varias de sus ofertas. Entre ellos se encuentran The Journey, corte de cordón, meditación, su programa personalizado, sesión de abundancia financiera, equilibrio de chakras y reiki. Puedo dar fe de que es una fantástica practicante de activación de la vida. Durante los últimos años trabajando con Judith, he crecido exponencialmente gracias a su experiencia, calidez, buena energía y profesionalismo. ¡Los servicios son realmente efectivos! He visto mejorar mis relaciones de todo tipo (románticas, familiares, amigos, empresariales, académicas) y mi vida se ha equilibrado. Me siento más seguro, feliz y raramente estresado. Mi cuerpo está más sano y mi mente más clara. Me siento más conectado con Dios. Judith fue flexible y trabajó conmigo. Intenta no ser demasiado analítico y permítete sentir la diferencia en el trabajo energético que te ofrece y notarás la diferencia en tu vida." 
Alysia D. USA

"With just a few sessions, I can already see that it has a powerful and good effect on my life. I started to free myself from many emotional bonds that held me. What we did was enough to help me on my personal journey."

"Com apenas algumas sessões, já posso ver que tem um efeito poderoso e bom na minha vida. Comecei a me libertar de muitos laços emocionais que me prendiam. O que fizemos foi o suficiente para me ajudar em minha jornada pessoal."  

Antoniel L, Brazil

"I am going through a painful situation right now, which has generated many ups and downs on an emotional and physical level. Judith performed the process of balancing chakras and I have really felt much calmer emotionally and physically I have not felt any discomfort again.Thank you Judith for your work and always good disposition."

"Estoy pasando por una situación dolorosa en este momento, que ha generado muchos altibajos a nivel emocional y físico. Judith realizó el proceso de equilibrar los chakras y realmente me he sentido mucho más tranquila emocional y físicamente. No he vuelto a sentir ninguna molestia. Gracias Judith por tu trabajo y siempre buena disposición." 

Carolina H, Colombia and Brazil.

"Eu nunca tinha experimentado um método tão eficaz de reenergização como o que eu pratiquei com Judith. Em sintonia com o meu EU mais íntimo e ajudado por ela, fui capaz de ser mais consciente com meu corpo, mente e espírito como um todo. Minha visão de problemas e desafios subiram positivamente em várias etapas após essa experiência ".
"I had never tried such an effective method of re-energizing as the one I practiced with Judith. In tune with my innermost self and helped by it, I was able to be more conscious with my body, mind and spirit as a whole. My vision of problems and challenges rose positively in several stages after this experience ". 
Pedro G, Brazil and New Zealand. 

“All of us go through ups and downs in our life. No matter how switched on you think you are there is always something; a person a place a past event that you can make peace with. I had worked on an issue many times in my past. Thank You Judith your intuitive process was in depth and compassionate. Your guidance gave me the courage to go to that deeper place for healing of this issue. Plus it rippled into other areas of my life, helping me feel more secure about living from my Heart." Fragrantly, Rhonda D Aromatherapist, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master and Radio Program Host, Australia

"Having struggled with low self belief, holding onto painful memories from past relationships with ex-girlfriends has held me back and negatively impacted me in the present moment. However, Judith helped guide me through both the face to face and phone sessions with care and support. Allowing me to let go of some of this baggage I now feel more free and confident which is hugely beneficial especially as I am backpacking across Australia from the UK." 

Andy W, UK

“After receiving only one reiki session from her, I began to feel more whole and more positively and deeply connected to my body, culture and ancestors. Her intuition is incredible. She truly cares about the client and listens well. After receiving only one session with her, an intense fear I had for years vanished and I became more relaxed and much happier. After my second session with her, a different intense fear I had for years vanished as the asthma attacks I had been experiencing that were connected to the fear subsided and I was able to breathe much better without coughing or needing to constantly use an inhaler. I am in the field of psychology and somewhat sceptical as a science-based person about some things but...I know from my own experiences that it is effective. Judith has a warm, calming energy and the life activation I received from her brought in much-needed light and positivity to every area of my life and to every part of me. It was truly life-changing and one of the many tangible benefits is that I’ve been better able to attract abundance and favourable work opportunities. I am much more empowered and confident as a result of the activation with Judith. I wholeheartedly recommend her many effective and transformative services. Especially if you’re open to changing and accepting personal responsibility, each and every one of her services will give you positive, tangible results. Judith and what she has to offer are truly priceless.” 

Alysia D, USA

"I was feeling powerless and my energies were unbalanced. I could not perform my daily activities and lost my life goals. I decided to do an energy treatment with Judith and in some sessions of Reiki and energetic healing I began to feel a peace of mind and a greater connection with my life purpose which allowed me to find my balance again and I become more aware of my direction in life. No doubt I recommend the energetic healing treatment. Once again, thank you Judith!" 

Taísa V, Brasil