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Time Out - Self Nurture!

The benefits of self-nurturing are numerous especially if you devote yourself to regular practices.

When you make time for yourself, a number of noticeable shifts occur: 

Firstly, you start to feel lighter and happier as if your Soul says thanks.

Secondly, you become aware of your feelings and can start to process the underlying issues.

Thirdly, you become aware of what you want. Then the magic begins as you finetune or reinvent your life! 

Three Simple ways to self-nurture:

1 Make time for yourself every day, preferably in the morning and/or at night. Even if it's a few minutes each day, it creates a pattern of daily self-care that becomes a lifestyle before you know it!

2 Take yourself on a date each week. Spend time by yourself for at least an hour each week. Go to a park and walk or read or write.  If you're lucky enough to be close to a beach or lake, spend some time at or in the water!

3 Once a month spend some money on yourself. Get a massage, haircut, manicure or pedicure. Buy yourself a book, some makeup, perfume or aftershave. Book yourself into a restaurant for lunch or dinner. The cheaper options are to: simply go to a cafe order a juice or herb tea and journal or listen to some music; buy yourself some seeds and plant them in a pot or the garden; or buy yourself some flowers!

Below are more ideas to help you practice these three steps. See my Mindfulness page for more self-care tips.

A Special Place for Me

Make a space just for you in your home. 

This can be a small corner in a room or an entire room. 

The size does not matter. The quality of the space matters, so make it special for you. 

Add books, a light, crystals, a yoga mat, a fit ball with some weights, a pot-plant and a candle, incense or a scented oil diffuser. Whatever makes you happy can be added to this space.

It's important to add a plant, some foliage or flowers because plants help to relax the senses.

Make it unique to your needs.

Keep the space clean, tidy and beautiful, so that you want to spend time there and it draws you there, to relax and reflect.

A Ritual to Honour Myself

Create a daily or weekly practice to enjoy your space by yourself.

Honour this time and space by making it a ritual. 

A daily or weekly tea ceremony, an affirmation space to write or speak affirmations, a reading nook for those self-help books, a prayer space to give thanks and manifest, a place to exercise or a place to just indulge in breathing for 5 minutes each day! 

What a gift this ritual can be for you.

A Positive Influence

Invite only those who have a positive influence on you into your space for a special occasion.

It may be your best-friend or someone new who is supporting your self-growth.

Honour the space and yourself with an enjoyable event.

Keep the conversation elevated on positive topics. 

Plan ahead by jotting down a list of the things you want to discuss eg, exercise, nutrition, films, books, travel. Anything that will keep you authentically happy is good conversation. 

The list will remain in your mind if you need to divert the conversation to a positive conversation.

Try to invite different people who inspire you and who will keep you positive and motivated.